Direct to Employer... Solved.

Our solution enables you to directly contract with self-funded employers on a national scale and define your own rates.

You can even build and operate your own network to easily expand your footprint.


This is a market you can't afford to ignore


People covered under self-funded employer health plans in the United States as of January 2019.


Percentage of insurance "card-holders" who are actually covered under self-funded plans where the carrier is the administrator.


The annual healthcare spend of self-funded employers in the United States.


Percentage of these employers who are planning to direct contract with providers and implement centers of excellence.

1. Sign up

It's simple.
Create your account, upload a list of practice locations and providers, and most of the information needed to contract is automatically populated.

2. Enter your rates

We'll guide you.
Enter your preferred rates and, before committing to contract, Apaly Health displays how much of the self-funded employer market you should capture. Decide what makes sense for you.

3. Contract with employers

Deliver care and get paid.
Submit claims just like with any other payer and get paid your contracted rate, only quicker.

Positioned for success

A significant portion of the population is covered under self-funded health plans, and a majority of those plans are moving toward direct contracting. Providers have the opportunity to benefit.

Capture market share

Apaly Health can help establish direct contracting as a new product line. Providers can package and market this to the self-funded employers and fulfill a tremendous market demand.

Increased revenues

Intermediaries add layers of unecessary cost. When these intermediaries become so large that they establish a stronghold in the market, they can leverage this to effect provider reimbursements.

We can help to reduce the negative reimbursement leverage of intermediaries.

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Name your rates

Decide what rate(s) are acceptable to you, and Apaly will guide you along the way. Based on the rates you enter, we'll show you how much of the self-funded market you're likely to capture. You can even create multiple levels of carve-outs, exclusions, and even participate in bundles. Decide what makes the most sense for you.

A simple, flexible, modular, and scalable way to contract.

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Expand your footprint

Want to expand your presence but don't have facilities or providers beyond your core markets? Create your own white labeled network that extends anywhere. Filter and define those providers and facilities that you want to participate, and then offer a comprehensive solution to clients with broad, distributed workforces.

Extend your offering nationally, or even globally.

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Easily deliver more value

The Apaly Health platform is designed as an ecosystem and marketplace for healthcare innovation, to help providers continually deliver value to patients, payers, staff and other partners.

Innovation that you can leverage.

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A hub of health

Direct relationships with self-funded employers positions your organization as the center of their healthcare universe. This creates a sticky relationship that can be continually expanded upon to gain and retain market share.

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Lowering costs, enhancing quality, and improving the health and wellbeing of employees are goals for all self-funded employers. Apaly Health is an innovative, cutting edge solution that manages to balance these sometimes conflicting priorities.

Richard Watts

Former President Sales and Service, Progressive Insurance (Retired)

Innovation is a daily topic in healthcare, but very few are focused on the core issue of healthcare, provider networks. Similar to the hotel industry, there are many locations to receive services but they fall under a handful of controllers, the large insurance companies. Disintermediating this design, similar to VRBO or Airbnb in the hospitality industry, has the ability to return healthcare to a free market design resulting in lower cost and better outcomes. Apaly Health is the only platform I see with a turn-key solution to enact the disruption needed to make this a reality

Justin Curtis

Employee Benefits Executive

Direct contracting is the wave of the future, and direct contracting with providers has been shown to save employers sometimes 75% or more. Apaly Health scales direct contracting to a national level, and can extend this value to the masses allowing the disintermediation of the middlemen in our current, archaic healthcare system. Apaly Health’s blockchain technology platform is an essential cost containment / risk mitigation component in any health plan that utilizes high-performance healthcare solutions like our FairCo$t Health Plan.

Carl C. Schuessler, Jr., DHP, DIA, GBDS

Managing Principal, Mitigate Partners

Apaly Health makes direct contracting scalable by enabling many-to-many relationships between employers and providers. Every provider or employer that signs up, is instantly available to deliver or receive healthcare services with everyone else on the platform. It’s like crowdsourcing the provider network to benefit everyone.

David Contorno

Founder, E Powered Benefits

Given the on-going shift towards self-funded employer health plans in the U.S., Apaly Health’s decentralized provider contracting platform seems to be a logical use case of blockchain technology. Disintermediating high cost gatekeepers through direct, peer-to-peer contracting between employers and providers is an ideal use case of the self-sovereign trust mechanism of blockchain technology.

Kamaljit Behera

Senior Industry Analyst, Transformational Health

“Apaly Health has created a simple and seamless solution that allows physicians (and other providers) to directly contract with self-funded employers, without any operational or practice work flow changes. It’s designed to feel just like any other payer relationship, except we get to set our own payment rates and get paid faster.”

Chris Pittman, M.D., FAVLS, FACR

Medical Director and CEO, Vein911® Vein Treatment Centers

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