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A healthcare-focused and compliant platform designed to spur innovation and collaboration.

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Making healthcare innovation mainstream

Apaly Health brings together all participants in the healthcare ecosystem to create a movement that improves health, lowers costs, and drives continuous positive change.

Built-in regulatory compliance

Regulation minded

We've designed the platform to help app developers/ operators stay HIPAA compliant. SSO secure authentication with verified patient record access authorization, designed to address regulatory requirements.

Identity verification

Apaly Health's security framework uses individual identity verifications to verify that each individual is who they claim to be. This functionality serves as the foundation for all other compliance.

Dynamic applications with real time record access

Master Patient Index

Patient records are distributed across many different data silos along the care continuum, each typically employing their own unique patient identifier or medical record number. Our Master Patient Index (MPI) is designed to serve as a translation hub to index and normalize these disparate datasets to support dynamic, on-the-fly access to records.

API Library

This is an integral and parallel component of the Apaly Health MPI, which stores the unique identifiers used in each medical record silo where a patient's record exists. The API library stores and controls the ability to access these silos.

A Healthcare Focused Markeplace


The marketplace leverages the features and benefits of the Apaly Health platform to deliver a venue for users to access innovative products and services to improve their healthcare.

Powered by blockchain technology

There are several key attributes that make Apaly's blockchain-based, distributed platform stand-out.


Architecture that even enables competitors to come together and offer their services on a distributed marketplace.

Digital and direct

Peer-to-peer transacting that can be executed by smart contract triggers or through manual payment approvals.


Distributed networks feature no single point of control, management, or failure. Multi-cloud and multi-node hosted, with several types of participants.


Platform governed through a cooperative, foundation type approach designed to support a broader impact meant to improve the quality of care.

Smart contract automation

Streamlining efficiency and trust between parties through smart contract automation and execution. Removing subjectivity, reducing errors, improving efficiency and lowering cost.


Information access via the blockchain infrastructure through a public and private hash, captured and embedded into each transaction to define the participating parties.

There are plenty of ways to participate in the movement

Deploy an app

Technical partners and developers can benefit from the platform's features and architecture, by simplifying the process of building, deploying, and managing healthcare specific applications. Contact us if you are interested in deploying an app in the marketplace.

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Host a node

The Apaly Health platform spans across three major cloud hosting vendors. Approved hosting node partners can spin-up a node on the platform with one of our participating cloud vendors and get paid for their efforts.

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Become a founding member

The platform is designed to operate under an association model. Approved association members can collaborate on governance and receive dividends for their involvement. Contact us if you are interested in becoming an association member.

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